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We have often wondered why intentional social-emotional learning is not a designated part of most elementary school curricula (beyond Kindergarten), when these skills underpin success in so many areas of life: academic, social, professional, and interpersonal.
Our fun, interactive, and thought-provoking in-class program heightens participants’ self-and social-awareness; equips them with an understanding of the emotional landscape; and ultimately teaches them how to manage stress, navigate and conduct healthy relationships, and lead happier, more balanced, and more fulfilling lives.

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Learning Objectives

In addition to its primary learning objectives around social and emotional literacy, Cam & Leo’s in-class program is a multi-disciplinary program that fosters skill development in many areas. Cam & Leo’s program integrates foundational curriculum learning objectives from the Ontario Ministry of Education Language, Mathematics, and Health and Physical Education curricula, including: reading, writing, oral communication and presentation skills; analytical and logical thinking; and physical health and wellbeing skills.



Schools can opt to utilize their own staff to facilitate the program. Alternatively, Cam & Leo’s has a roster of wonderful certified professional educators available to facilitate the 1-hour lessons. The program includes explicit homeroom teacher guidelines for how to reinforce concepts and language between lessons.

A key component of our business plan and company culture is impact measurement and research. We are aiming for high long-term impact on students’ lives. We ask that all of our partnering schools participate in data-collection by supplying formal feedback at regular intervals to our third-party academic research partner.
We are laser-focused on creating an emotionally intelligent next generation and as such, we are determined to show up and help our partners as much as we are needed. When you partner with us, you have a partner every step of the way, both through and beyond each class’s facilitator.

Impact Measurement & Research 


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Why schools love it

Schools that have partnered with us love our program because it addresses emotional/mental health head-on, raises the bar on classroom and playground behaviour, and equips students with the emotional skills to thrive for life.

Bolsters your curriculum

Bring core social-emotional learning to the classroom, demonstrating you and your organization’s commitment to mental health and emotional learning, and offering students and teachers a “fun” visiting resource and “break” from regular learning.

Raises school profile

Gain a reputation for being progressive and forward-thinking by tackling emotional learning head-on.

Boosts classroom and playground culture

See slow, steady improvement in students’ behaviour – how they show up in class and with each other. Teaching core emotional competences ultimately translates to stronger classroom culture and greater academic progress.

Gives families a gift

Give your students’ families a special coupon code entitling them to an exclusive discount on the at-home program, just for being affiliated with you.

Changes the world

Contribute to our mutual “big picture” mission to transform intergenerational cycles of emotional dysfunction into intergenerational cycles of emotional thriving. Enable more people to access success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives: academic, professional, and interpersonal, and make world a more emotionally-enlightened place.



Cam & Leo's Emotion School is a program that provides families and children access to evidence-based therapeutic strategies and practices. I believe it’s a revolutionary concept with a unique execution. It’s going places.

- Dr. Avi Gordon, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and practicing Family and Child Psychotherapist

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