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Our Friends

Since we launched we have discovered that we’re not the only ones. It turns out there are tons of amazing organizations – schools, educational consultants, therapy clinics, life coaches, parenting experts, community and social service organizations, and even some private enterprises – that ascribe to the philosophy that core emotional capabilities are the precursor to success and joy in all areas of life – academic, professional, social, and personal.

We are both aligned with and extremely proud of our friend organizations and the great work they do, and we are thrilled that they like us and our program so much, too. Thank you, friends!
We work with each of our friends, differently. Some are implementing our program themselves, others invite us and our facilitators to work directly with their groups, some have supplied start-up funding, others have provided expertise, and still others refer families onto us where they see a good fit. We’re in it to spread effective social-emotional education as far as it will go. Please reach out if you think we might work well together!

Why our friends love us

Each of our partnerships looks different. But all are underscored by a close and caring relationship involving shared passion, values, and commitment. Fans of Cam & Leo’s count the ways:

Bolster Your Toolkit

Extend and augment your resource offering by adding our rich, high-value take-home program to your toolkit, to better serve your people

Show Your Values

Demonstrate you and your organizations commitment to mental health and emotional learning 

Extra revenue stream

Earn a percentage profit on every successful refferal

Help them while they wait

Use Cam & Leo’s to start delivering immediate support to the Family System for clients on the waitlist

Give them a gift

Give your people a special coupon entitling them to an exclusive discount on the program, just for being affiliated with you

Uplift Your Environment

When kids learn core social-emotional competencies at home, their other environments (school, extra curriculars) benefit as well: better behaviour means stronger classroom culture and greater progress

Change the World

Contribute to our mutual "big-picture" mission to transform intergenerational cycles of emotional dysfunction into intergenerational cycles of emotional competency; enable more people to access success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives: professional, academic, and interpersonal, and make the world a more emotionally enlightened place

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Our Friends

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