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For Families

Cam and Leo's Emotion School is made for families where there's tons of love and caring, and also a fair share of fighting, frustration, conflict, misbehavior, and overwhelm.

Something magical happens when families sit down together for just one hour per week. That one golden hour of face-to-face time , engaged in democratic learning and play, is a nourishing routine that bolsters relationships and family cohesion, and brings your family system closer to emotional enlightenment. 

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Why families love it

Because it works (and it’s fun!)


The program, based on core psychological and educational principles, is endorsed by leading clinical child psychologists


Relative to alternative educational or therapeutic interventions


Actionable, self-led program enables households to help themselves

Comfort of Your Own Home

No issues of scheduling, practitioner compatibility, or privacy


Emotional agility is the precursor to success and enjoyment of all areas of life - academic, personal & professional


Utilizes the household unit (rather than an external authority) to form accountability

Builds Family Cohesion

Through the establishment of a new and nourishing weekly routine of face-to-face interactions


The program has the potential to create real, deep, “forever” change


Complex concepts are broken down into easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons


Learning is engaging, interactive, and hands-on



The most amazing part is seeing my kids actually apply what we learn. It's like we all suddenly have this language that we can use to solve problems in real time!

- Sara, Mom of 2 kids, age 3 and 5

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